Reiki, Healing and Art - The exhibit

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor, The Reiki Digest

Reiki, Healing and Art is an online exhibit of art created by Reiki practitioners from around the world. Inspired by Reiki practitioner and artist Pam Turczyn who asked "Does art aid the healing process?", this exhibit asks "Does Reiki aid the art process?"

You can view the exhibit as a slideshow and also scroll down and look at each piece individually. To view the artists' websites, please click their names, which appear right above their statements, in which each answers the questions:

1. How does Reiki directly or indirectly influence your work?
2. Do you create art as a method of healing? If so, is the healing for yourself, or for others?

Art for sale is priced as marked. Contact the artists directly if you are interested in purchasing work.  

Please check out The Reiki Digest's Facebook page to see a brief bio of each artist who will appear as our 'Artist of the Day' throughout the month of August.

Enjoy the show!