Eileen Dey: Rediscovering creativity through Reiki

Across the Universe (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Acrylic and watercolor on cardboard
Spiral Journey (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

The Journey Within (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Oil on paper
12" x 10"

Eileen Dey

Eileen Dey is a Reiki master and licensed mental health counselor and founder of The Reiki Training Program & Reiki Fellowship, the only licensed vocational school of Reiki in WA state.  She has been teaching and practicing for over 15 years and has re-discovered her creativity through that journey.  She paints in acrylic and mixed media/collage and is a writer and author of Touching the World Through Reiki.  As an artist, she believes that channeling Reiki into each piece of work allows that much more light to shine in the world.