Ivancica Smith: Floating in a world of art

Magnolia Bloom
Medium: Silk painting
33cm x 23cm
70 Euro

Medium: Silk painting
23cm x 23cm
50 Euro

Purple Whirlwind
43.5 cm x 52.5 cm
Medium: Silk painting
90 Euro
Reiki and life energy is in everything I do, including my painting. When I paint, I am guided by energies from the very beginning. I am fuelled by this life energy, and Reiki helps me in the whole process of creating a piece of art. Every painting I made has an imprint of this energy. My paintings are full of colour and life, because that is what I feel when I paint.
Do I create my art to heal myself or to heal others?
I would say both. Whilst I‘m painting, I am full of life energy, I am guided by it and led by it, too. I put my energy into a painting and in doing so, my soul sings. And I would like to think that when people see my paintings, they feel touched by this life energy, too. I would like to think that they can dive into the wealth of colours and joy, and at least for a moment feel the energy from the painting flowing into them. The creative workshops I lead are full of passion and energy and result in my class feeling as floating in a bubble of joy.