Scott K. Smith: Following a path of creativity and service

Aurora (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Aurora is based on two energies. One, the song Aurora by Bjork which I consider a song to Goddess. An invocation is present in the vesper of the painting, as hands reach for Spirit, healing, Reiki, Goddess, it / she / all reaches back. One wonders what she (hand above) reaches for?

Medium: Acrylic, paper mache on canvas. 
Dimensions: 3'x 4'
Price: $1,800.00
Rook (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Rook is an expression of the ancient energy of healers. Primal power of health emerging from the earth. 

Medium: Acrylic, organic materials, paper mache. 
Dimensions: 2' x 4 '
Price: $1,500.00

Feather (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Feather is part of an ongoing experiment with accessible, modern, technology, to capture spirit in everyday moments . 

Medium: Acrylic, organic materials, paper mache. 
Dimensions: Digital file. iPhone photography with hipstamatic camera application. 
Price: NFS
Scott K. Smith

For me Reiki is the expression and flow of the living energy of all things. In later studies of Reiki we learn the experience of awakening the mind to the presence of this energy, shifting one from illness to the natural state of wellness. We call this "no time, no space," as the being is given the present moment to shift consciousness. 

I believe that the creative expression through arts is the channeling of the same magnificent energy. There is no "trying" with my work, there should only be the effort of holding the space and allowing for the energy to manifest through my body in whatever form I am inspired to create.  

This is the way of Reiki. This is the way of art. This is the way of love.