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you can still enjoy the art and contact artists through the links provided if you are interested in purchasing work. Thanks for coming!

Reiki, Healing and Art - The exhibit

By Beth Lowell, Managing Editor, The Reiki Digest

Reiki, Healing and Art is an online exhibit of art created by Reiki practitioners from around the world. Inspired by Reiki practitioner and artist Pam Turczyn who asked "Does art aid the healing process?", this exhibit asks "Does Reiki aid the art process?"

You can view the exhibit as a slideshow and also scroll down and look at each piece individually. To view the artists' websites, please click their names, which appear right above their statements, in which each answers the questions:

1. How does Reiki directly or indirectly influence your work?
2. Do you create art as a method of healing? If so, is the healing for yourself, or for others?

Art for sale is priced as marked. Contact the artists directly if you are interested in purchasing work.  

Please check out The Reiki Digest's Facebook page to see a brief bio of each artist who will appear as our 'Artist of the Day' throughout the month of August.

Enjoy the show!

Mari Hall: Understanding the many forms of energy

Mari Hall

Mari Hall is the Founding Director of the International Association of Reiki, a recent guest editor at The Reiki Digest, and also the first Reiki practitioner-artist respondent to our recent request for participants in a focus group which asked the question, "Does Art aid the healing process?"

Our virtual ears perked up when Mari responded to our call for focus group participants, including the fact that she, too, was an artist who understood energy in many forms.  As more and more responses came in from other Reiki practitioner-artists,  the idea for this art show was born.

Our thanks to Mari and to all of our other participants too! 

Pamela Turczyn: Exploring the vibrational nature of reality

Infinite Hope (c) Pamela Turczyn 2011
Medium: Gouache on watercolor paper

Infinite Surrender (c) Pamela Turczyn 2011
Medium: Gouache on watercolor paper

Infinite Creativity (c) Pamela Turczyn 2011
Medium: Gouache on watercolor paper
Museum quality digital prints are available.  20% discount for Reiki Digest readers until August, 2012

24" x 24" on 30" x 30" paper ($1,000 with hand applied metal leaf, $650 without)
12" x 12" on 15" x 15" paper ($500 with metal leaf and $350 without)
7.25" x 7.25" on 8.5" x 11" paper ($300 with metal leaf and $200 without)

Pamela Turczyn

After becoming attuned to the Reiki vibration, I tuned into vibrational nature of reality, the foundation of my art practice.

My mission is to explore how visual art can support the healing process, for the viewer.  In the same way that the Reiki practitioner receives healing whenever she offers it to another, it is inevitable that I receive healing as a consequence of my work.  I relate closely with the archetype of the Wounded Healer!

Scott K. Smith: Following a path of creativity and service

Aurora (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Aurora is based on two energies. One, the song Aurora by Bjork which I consider a song to Goddess. An invocation is present in the vesper of the painting, as hands reach for Spirit, healing, Reiki, Goddess, it / she / all reaches back. One wonders what she (hand above) reaches for?

Medium: Acrylic, paper mache on canvas. 
Dimensions: 3'x 4'
Price: $1,800.00
Rook (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Rook is an expression of the ancient energy of healers. Primal power of health emerging from the earth. 

Medium: Acrylic, organic materials, paper mache. 
Dimensions: 2' x 4 '
Price: $1,500.00

Feather (c) Scott K. Smith 2011

Feather is part of an ongoing experiment with accessible, modern, technology, to capture spirit in everyday moments . 

Medium: Acrylic, organic materials, paper mache. 
Dimensions: Digital file. iPhone photography with hipstamatic camera application. 
Price: NFS
Scott K. Smith

For me Reiki is the expression and flow of the living energy of all things. In later studies of Reiki we learn the experience of awakening the mind to the presence of this energy, shifting one from illness to the natural state of wellness. We call this "no time, no space," as the being is given the present moment to shift consciousness. 

I believe that the creative expression through arts is the channeling of the same magnificent energy. There is no "trying" with my work, there should only be the effort of holding the space and allowing for the energy to manifest through my body in whatever form I am inspired to create.  

This is the way of Reiki. This is the way of art. This is the way of love. 

Ivancica Smith: Floating in a world of art

Magnolia Bloom
Medium: Silk painting
33cm x 23cm
70 Euro

Medium: Silk painting
23cm x 23cm
50 Euro

Purple Whirlwind
43.5 cm x 52.5 cm
Medium: Silk painting
90 Euro
Reiki and life energy is in everything I do, including my painting. When I paint, I am guided by energies from the very beginning. I am fuelled by this life energy, and Reiki helps me in the whole process of creating a piece of art. Every painting I made has an imprint of this energy. My paintings are full of colour and life, because that is what I feel when I paint.
Do I create my art to heal myself or to heal others?
I would say both. Whilst I‘m painting, I am full of life energy, I am guided by it and led by it, too. I put my energy into a painting and in doing so, my soul sings. And I would like to think that when people see my paintings, they feel touched by this life energy, too. I would like to think that they can dive into the wealth of colours and joy, and at least for a moment feel the energy from the painting flowing into them. The creative workshops I lead are full of passion and energy and result in my class feeling as floating in a bubble of joy.

Eileen Smith: Infusing daily moments with beauty, power and joy

Soul Love (c) Eileen Smith

In honor of love in all it's forms.
Medium: Oil
prints available

Energy Vortex (c) Eileen Smith

This piece was the best way I could visably describe the energy I feel when drawing down the source of the Reiki flow.

Medium: Oil
Prints available

I paint to heal, inspire and touch someone with the power,joy and beauty that I believe we are truly capable of achieving in our daily lives.
As an artist, I try to stop time, to capture a moment in time, and give it eternal life.
Or a moment we wish we had in our world, and make it real, every time you see the painting, and it touches the viewer, in some way

Teresa Russell: Delving into the psyche

Healing Light (c) Teresa Russell
Medium: Acrylic on box canvas

Love Energy (c) Teresa Russell
Medium: Acrylic on box canvas

Energy Healing (c) Teresa Russell
Medium: Acrylic on box canvas
Teresa Russell

To me Healing Art is created with an intention to heal, to reconnect misaligned energy for the observer and to be used as a mirror that reflects a persons inner essence which connects to their spirit.
My art pieces are infused with healing and Reiki symbols as I paint. The healing lies within the many layers of coloured paint and sometimes hidden abstract detail which represent the clients innermost issues and imbalances known or unknown. I usually tune into the person who is receiving the piece of art and I allow the paint to flow.  My aim is to provoke the observer to delve deep within each piece and deeper into their own psyche to observe and experience emotions and insights that are not clearly apparent at first glance thus connecting with their own healing energies within.  These insights and emotions together with the healing energy from the art piece can help the observer to identify their way back to health, inner peace and well-being.

I have created art to self heal and to help others to heal themselves.

Renee Menchen: Replenishing the spirit through color

Starlight (c) Renee Menchen
Medium: Dimensional watercolor collage
 40" x 33"

Turquoise Bliss (c) Renee Menchen
Medium: Dimensional watercolor collage
41" x 33 1/2"

Fantasy (c) Renee Menchen
Medium: Dimensional watercolor collage
34 1/2 "x 40 1/2"

Renee Menchen

Reiki energy is running through me at all times and  I am guided through the spiritual side of Reiki in my artwork. 

I began painting as a tool centering my spiritual self in my caregiving role.  And now, I feel that my healing energy is transmitted into my work and to others who see it and/or own it.  

Beth Lowell: Celebrating the human-animal bond

Rhodesian Daydream (c) Beth Lowell 2011
Medium: Pastel
Ginger Kitty (c) Beth Lowell 2011
Medium: Pastel
9"x6 1/4"

Tucker (c) Beth Lowell 2011
Medium: Pastel
10"x 11"

I find that the meditative quality of Reiki clears the mind and helps in decision making processes, whether they're analytical or intuitive, so I think Reiki assists in the creative process by strengthening right brain ability to "go with the flow", also known by artists as "being in the zone", as well as enhancing left brain problem solving needed for technical issues.

I don't make a conscious decision to heal myself or others with my work. Since art is both a meditative and technical pursuit, it's both healing and challenging to me. It's rewarding to me when clients tell me I've captured the spirit of their pet - and so in essence, I think that becomes a healing experience for them, especially when a pet passes away. I think Steven Pressfield sums it up best when he says that artists are the servants of intention, and that "They know they are not the source of the creations they bring into being. They only facilitate." Sound familiar, Reiki practitioners?    

Maja Larson: Finding stillness through art

Reiki Rainbow Healing (c) Maja Larson 2011
Medium: Digitized art
4" x 10"

Reiki,Hand of Light (c) Maja Larson 2011
Medium: Digitized art

Reiki Buddha Blessings (c) Maja Larson 2011
Medium: Digitized art
 Maja Larson

Since my Level 2 attunement 3 years ago, my Artwork has taken on a new dimension, Reiki heals both the practitioner and the patient or in my case the viewer. Knowing that my healing is healing others fill my heart with gratitude for life.

I now look forward to daily channeling and creative expression and healing. 

I have found it to have a huge impact on my life, and I am grateful that my work now has the ability via Art’s own alchemy and Reiki’s Universally Guided Light energy to share that change and healing  with everyone open to it.

 It is why I hope to donate my work and the energies it encourages to waiting rooms in Hospitals, Doctors' offices, where healing art would serve a purpose.

Rekha Krishnan: Creating an energetic connection

Gulmohar (c) Rekha Krishnan 2011

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

This flower, known as Gulmohar in India, has been called the 'Realization flower' by Mother and Sri Aurobindo. I quote-

"Realisation is...when something for which you are aspiring becomes real to you; e.g. you have the idea of the Divine in all, but it is only an idea, a belief; when you see or feel the Divine in all, it becomes a realisation.

In a more deep and spiritual sense a concrete realisation is that which makes the thing realised more real, dynamic, intimately present to the consciousness than any physical being can be."

--Sri  Aurobindo

Rekha Krishnan

Reiki had a very significant impact on my paintings

1. Firstly, I noticed that the colour palette changed to brighter and 'light' filled colours.
2. The theme of each exhibition was always something to do with self realization-
   e.g. "The Rainbow Within", "Energy Manifestations" etc.
3. For me personally, working with Reiki energy while painting was always a meditative experience. It also helped me understand myself better, and in a way, it was a form of self- healing.

Re: the question about whether  create art to heal myself or others- I would say, "Both". The act of painting is healing for me personally, while the finished product- the painting, gives out Reiki to all those who view.

Eileen Dey: Rediscovering creativity through Reiki

Across the Universe (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Acrylic and watercolor on cardboard
Spiral Journey (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

The Journey Within (c) Eileen Dey 2001
Medium: Oil on paper
12" x 10"

Eileen Dey

Eileen Dey is a Reiki master and licensed mental health counselor and founder of The Reiki Training Program & Reiki Fellowship, the only licensed vocational school of Reiki in WA state.  She has been teaching and practicing for over 15 years and has re-discovered her creativity through that journey.  She paints in acrylic and mixed media/collage and is a writer and author of Touching the World Through Reiki.  As an artist, she believes that channeling Reiki into each piece of work allows that much more light to shine in the world.